Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Israel & Hamas

So, a dear friend & Priest posted a link on Facebook to Debunking 5 Israeli Talking Points on Gaza. Unfortunately we are in disagreement over the issue. Haven't replied to him but here's how I would frame my response.

These are all YES or NO questions, no equivocation, no if’s or but’s. How do you respond?

Do you believe that Israel has the right to be an independent entity encompassing the territory it currently controls?

Do you believe ALL (not just some) Palestinians as well as many radical Muslim sects accept that Israel has that right?

Do you believe some of the most radical Palestinians and Muslim sects will be satisfied until the State of Israel and the Jewish people are no longer existent on the earth?

Do you believe that ALL people of God’s creation have the right to self-defense?

Do you believe that wars between tribes, states or nations can be successfully fought cleanly and without collateral damage?

Do you believe that Hamas has tried to wage a battle devoid of collateral damage?

After examining your answers to the above questions, what do you see as a possible settlement or solution to the current Mid-East Crisis? Problems are easily identified; solutions are not so easy to come by.

Much the same as the situation at our Southern Border, as Christians we are called to take a position; but, the Law of Unintendended Consequence always rears its ugly head. Truly solutions to problems in Caesar's world are not as simple as it would first seem.