Thursday, July 19, 2012

Interesting Sunday

‘Twas a Spirit filled day, last Sunday. At Church the Altar Flowers had been given in Memory of the son of a dear friend whose one year anniversary of his death had just occurred the day before. And daughter was undergoing transfer for an IVF procedure (fingers are crossed and prayers are ongoing for success) about that very time. Our Recessional Hymn for the day was Amazing Grace and that’s where I’ll begin my story.

Amazing Grace is my “touchstone”. Long story about how it became such but know it offers me reassurance when nothing else can. The Sermon encompassed two different but similar targets. Our Rector had just returned from General Convention as a Deputy and he wove his remarks about that experience into the Sermon along with the Gospel topic (the beheading of John the Baptist). Probably was an easier reach than I might have expected.

With everything going on I was curiously concerned how I might “deal” with the Recessional, and truly, I did tear up. But I believe that it was from joy, not sorrow. I held joyful hope for the daughter’s successful treatment. I held joyful knowledge of my Godchild’s (did I mention the wife and I were Godparents to the son who had died?) resurrection to a better life with Christ. I would suppose that’s where I’ll take my stand about that Service. God spoke to my heart, and I wish He would more often, but I’ve frequently a pretty thick skull. Anyway, my “take away” was that He’s in control, I’m not, and all will be well. It's hard to accept what Sidney Friedman said on M.A.S.H: "Sometimes you just have to pull down your pants and slide on the ice." Thanks be to God.