Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The road from Facebook

Facebook is an interesting social phenomenon. If one "hides" all the games, causes, etc. you are presented only with updates from "friends". Likewise as your friends connect with others, you have the opportunity to keep up with casual acquaintances too. And, I suppose, after you've gone past 60 a lot of those old longstanding youthful biases are set aside, allowing one to truly look into the thoughts of contemporaries we may not have had such an affinity for back in the day. It's been a good thing. With age, it seems we've all become a bit more mellow.

I've recently reconnected with several High School & College "buds" not seen or heard from in 30 or 40 years and was looking at the page of one of 'em about that far removed. Scrolling thru his "friends" to see who else I might know, I ran across a quote from one of his classmate now living in Israel.

She said: "All roads lead to Jerusalem, sooner or later........" And I thought: "How profound." Jewish theology slapping a Christian upside the head.

Yeah, I'll buy that: "All roads do lead to Jerusalem, eventually."