Saturday, July 31, 2010

John’s not doing well

He is, in no particular order:
• Someone I’ve known for quite some time: in two different Parishes to be exact.
• An American Navigator who flew with the RAF before the US joined Britain in WW II.
• A lifelong Episcopalian, to the best of my knowledge.
• One of the reasons I sit on the outside of “my pew”, there on the side aisle every Sunday.

And therein, to quote Paul Harvey: “Lies, the rest of the story.”

I’m sure John is well into his 90’s, and this last year or so he has become so debilitated that he’s gone from assisted living to full time nursing care. He’s in such condition he can’t make it to Church any longer. I promised myself I’d write this entry when he passed. That hasn’t happened yet, but it’s just a matter or time. Today it feels right to get a head start.

When I started my blog, it needed a name. Sitting on the side aisle where I do most Sunday’s, I feel that seat has offered me more than my share of opportunities of grace. I’ve been witness to several small occurrences which illustrate that grace, blogged of them occasionally and likewise am frequently physically “touched” by communicants returning to their seats following Communion while I kneel in prayer before and after my “receiving.” Generally, it’s only a soft hand on my shoulder. Occasionally it’s a hand offered in friendship; but always, in that Peace which passeth all understanding. I consider it my own special “blessing”. John will not bless me again as he has done so many, many times before. For some time now, I recognize that I’ve missed his weekly hand on my shoulder and have taken on the giving of that touch to others as he did for me. May I continue offering others that blessing he so richly offered me, and may their lives be touched by it as his touched mine.