Thursday, October 06, 2016


So, an article was just published on Episcopal Cafe regarding an installation of "art" at Cathedral of St. John the Divine in NYC. Here's the link if you choose to check it out. Called Christa, it shows a nude female figure on the Cross in representation of Jesus at His crucifiction.

Honestly, I don't "get it". While we all are created in God's image, I somehow don't understand the symbology of the crucufied Christ as a female, and a rather well developed one at that. As much as we are called to accept different opinions and diversity, this seems more of a P.C. statement than one of historical understanding. According to ALL accounts including the Gospels AND Josephus' Antiquities, Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus the Christ, Christus was male. Could someone explain to me the purpose of depicting Him as He was NOT rather than as He was, sent by God?


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