Thursday, April 28, 2016

Humble Pie, part deux

So, I told the wife my story and she posed the question, my knowing he was a Christian, "Why didn't I invite him to Church one Sunday?"


We attend "THEE" Episcopal Church in town, it's downtown and our Chancel and Nave were built in 1878, operating continuously since then. It's not that we're particularly "stuffy;" but, we are Episcopal and proud of our heritage and history, yet our Diocesan Bp. has challenged and called us, as a Diocese, to become more missional.

I wish I could say that I've already offered that invitation, but I've not gotten the courage to do so. This circumstance lays heavy on my heart and I know what the right action is, but still, am I strong enough in my conviction to do what I'm called to?

Sometimes simple solutions are not so easy to accept, especially when our call to minister becomes so personal.

More to follow...  


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