Wednesday, February 04, 2015

An Efm thing 2.01 - Continuing dialogue

On the heels of the previous two posts:

31 Jan
And Elijah came to all the people and said,
"How will you falter between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow
Him; but if baal, follow him."
But the people answered him not a word.
1 Kings 18: 21

There is only one God, the God in the Holy Bible. The God of Hebrews
( Jews ) and Christians.

What say ye.

1 Feb
There is only one God, the God in the Holy Bible. The God of Hebrews and
Christians. But it does not exclude other faiths. Where are the exclusions?

            1 Feb
 There is only one true God.

 And God spoke these words:
 " I am the Lord your God."
 " You shall have no other gods before me ."
 Exodus 20

 Explain to me how you believe that the God of the New Testament is not
 the same God as in the Old Testament.  You said that at E F M.

 I believe the words God spoke answers your question as to how other
 faiths (religions) are excluded.

 But there is a way. What is the way?


1 Feb
Do NOT believe that the God of the OT and the God of the NT are different, THEY ARE THE SAME. You must have misunderstood my comments. I believe  there is ONE TRIUNE GOD; however, my belief is also that He does not LIMIT Himself and salvation to ONLY Christians and possibly Jews as revealed on earth.

                      1 Feb
You might ask others.

3 Feb
My Brother:

Am calling it quits after this reply and your response if desired. In other words, you get the last say.

I respect your right to your belief.

It so happens mine is not in TOTAL agreement with yours.

I BELIEVE I have the right to mine just as I BELIEVE you have the right to hold yours.

EfM does not call us to establish dogma for ALL; but rather to examine our beliefs after listening to others with an open mind and then to solidify our PERSONAL understanding of God and thereafter being able to be an apologist (under a theological def.) for one's own position and that's all I'm doing; offering possibilities for consideration rather than trying to establish doctrine for anyone else.

Don't judge, just love in an Agape manner.

Peace & Grace,


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