Monday, July 15, 2013

A Correct Verdict...

and total outrage from the left that they couldn’t railroad an Hispanic/white (mixed race) man into a penalty they thought he deserved in an effort to atone for past evils towards those in the black community is what the jury verdict in Sanford, FL presents to us.

I’ve followed the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case fairly closely as I did the Duke Lacrosse team rape case. In both instances, I truly believe the MSM drove the reporting to foster a greater attitude of racial discrimination and animosity. I also believe that such machinations of the propaganda machine are of NO BENEFIT WHATSOEVER, to improved race relations in our country. Having “come of age” in the early 60’s, in the South, I am fully aware of the rancor towards blacks that existed at the time. IT WAS WRONG, on all counts. I also believe an attitude currently exists in the white community that isn’t present in the black one being: “We have put those biases behind us.” Notice I limited that comment to the white community only. I’ve been told that racial tensions are higher in the black community now (2013) than they were in the 50’s-60’s and from my perspective, sadly I must agree.

If anyone is interested, a commentary on the facts of the case may be viewed here. I found it most interesting. The MSM has taken a legal situation, based upon law, which is the foundation of our Republic, and skewed it towards a racial issue of discrimination; though that’s NOT the issue at law in this case. Were racial profiling available as an offense, rest assured the prosecution would have exploited it for all it’s worth as did the media in their attempt to do so.

Does racial inequality exist in today’s society? Possibly to some degree. While testimony and evidence points to Trayvon being the aggressor in the altercation, was it sufficient for George Zimmerman to use deadly force in self-defense? Who knows, possibly. Did Trayvon throw the first punch? Yeah, I believe so. Does George Zimmerman carry some responsibility for the incident as it occurred? Maybe to some extent. Should this event have risen to the prominence which it did? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

I believe that it’s time for all of us to quit trying to erase sins that were committed 150-240 years ago (let’s see, that would be 7-10 generations past) and begin trying to dwell on moving forward rather than trying to perpetuate past injustices. Life is not “FAIR” to all concerned and never will be. Successful people don’t dwell on its unfairness but rather seek to move forward to a better situation as they are able. Isn’t it about time we all realized that and worked towards that end rather than trying to vilify or justify an issue based upon racial stereotyping rather than law?