Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So, over the weekend past, I received an email with a link to a video clip. It bothered me to the extent; that uncharacteristically, I sent it to each of the kids and their spouses as well as the wife and one of the in-laws (only one I had an email address for).

I also offered the following for them to consider. My words were heartfelt.
To all my children:

Please take the time to watch this.

Am not sure where you stand on everything addressed but I PROMISE you that the points made by the instructor are valid.

"No citizen is 'owed' any standard of living by our government according to the documents by which this nation was created. We are guaranteed equality as to opportunity, not as to circumstance. And unfortunately, some people by virtue of nothing else than blind luck, catch undeservedly the short end of the stick while others; likewise sometimes undeservedly, receive more than they should. Since recorded history began, governments and legislation has never been able to correct this fact. Nor, will it ever in the future. Depressing thought, isn't it.

What I fear is that you are too idealistic to understand, quite simply, when producers are no longer provided the fruits of their efforts they will cease to produce for the impetus to do so will no longer exist. Whether you realize it or not; idealism, certainly a good construct, can not be enforced by law but must be freely offered by people towards one another and if one chooses not to operate from a position of altruism they can NOT be forced to do so. Attempting such only creates a climate for utter failure by virtue of one peoples enforcing their will on another and when that happens the oppressed will eventually rebel in some fashion or another against those who would limit their freedom of choice. Mankind has been created with free will and nothing can be done to alter that fact.

I suggest that I've found balance to operate in this life by virtue of my faith and its precepts and teachings, and commend you each and all to do likewise. We are called to be 'in the world', not necessarily 'of the world'. We are called to offer choices, not to force behaviors. We are called not to save the world but rather those whose lives we have the opportunity to effect. We are called to love, and by that love allow each other the chance to do likewise."

Peace & grace,

I suppose I was expecting some sort of reply and sadly have yet to receive one from anyone. I'm not really trying to change any of the kids thoughts, but rather challenge them to examine their positions and be able to defend them; for that's what allows you to stand strong in your own beliefs and understandings. Could the vid clip portray more accurately than I presumed the mind of our ensuing generations?

?Quien sabe?, (Who knows?)

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year

Wishing all a Happy New Year; that it be filled with Peace and Love in the days to come; that 2012 inaugurate a new time of prosperity, and that good health be enjoyed by all. Let's put 2011 aside and look forward to the fulfillment of our earnest desires according to God's will, and accept those answers as He provides us them.

Peace & grace