Saturday, August 10, 2013

Take the Cannoli, leave the Ex

Was in NOLA a few days ago for a very short time and further realized why and how much She (The City) means to me. Helped the daughter fix two “crappers” she was having trouble with, one was the toilet in her Master Bath, the other was attending her (the daughter’s) Court appearance to finalize her divorce. Trust me, the Court hearing was a much more rewarding repair than the toilet in terms of feces removal. It went better than anticipated from our point of view. One “classic” Narcissist is no longer a part of our lives and that’s a GOOD THING!

Following the hearing and after a couple of beers and a nap, the Daughter, her dog and I went to “The Bulldog” for more beer and fellowship with a few of the many, many friends who have been so supportive towards her during this entire situation. We were out a couple of beers longer than we expected but made it home in good condition none the less. It was “Buy a Pint and Keep the Glass” Night. She now has a new collection of barware. As the only male at the table I was privileged to listen to a conversation between four women about “the narcissist” from their perspective. Women can be just as vicious as any man. The “ex” did not receive kind treatment… too bad.

We each had a good night’s sleep for the first time in a few days, slept a bit later than normal and then loaded the car and got her and the granddog back to Texas for a short visit.

We did get to meet the doppelganger of a dear friend that day in court and it seemed somewhat fitting. The dear friend was there for the Wedding and his doppelganger was there for its closure. Go figure.

As I’m in and out of NOLA with some frequency, as is another dear friend of mine, and Louisiana offers a few things that are hard to come by in this neck of the woods; each time he or I go over we’ll ask the other: “What’cha need?” With LA 31 and Abita Golden in short supply here and Rouses making “the best” Olive Salad, it was my turn to bootleg for him. He tells a very funny story about LA 31 in the back of his pickup on a ride down IH 10 that I’ll save for another time. The cannoli reference was two fold, as while at Rouses I purchased some mini cannoli to enjoy on the trip back and "the ex" at one time was charmed while visiting a friend of mine here when we went to his farm for a a little target practice. I'd made some Chili and was taking it to share. When we arrived I commented: "Take the Chili but leave the guns in the truck." He saw it as a Godfather quote modified for Texans and found it funny. 
Back at'cha Dude. 

Made it home fine, enjoyed a quaint new spot one evening and got to meet some of daughter’s friends. NOLA is really a close knit community that has each other’s back. I liken it to a certain camaraderie that I associate with a good bit of Texas and Texans. I truly expect the next visit to be much more enjoyable than the last and can’t wait to have a few days without agenda to “kick back” once again in my “Big Easy.”