Thursday, May 28, 2009

Homesick for Heaven

Just finished reading an autobiography titled "My Years with Bob Wills" by Al Stricklin and found reference to an old Gospel song Bob Wills and his Playboys performed called: "There is No Disappointment in Heaven". I didn't recognize the piece (and I know quite a bit about both Bob Wills music and southern gospel). Seeing as how Bob had recorded it and I wasn't familiar with it; curiosity got the best of me, so I went and “Googled” it on the net. Doing so, and reading the lyrics, one particular phrase really resonated, that of being "homesick for Heaven."

I've always been intrigued by things that can't possibly make sense but do anyhow. This phrase fit that notion to a "tee". On one hand how can a person be homesick for something they've never known or experienced yet on the other yearn so much for what they know it MUST be, that they truly are homesick to get there?