Monday, April 14, 2008

A God Moment

I just experienced a God moment.

Wife & I went down to Houston Saturday to visit the son (who's a 1st year Law Student). Friday he completed and turned in the Appellate Brief for one of his classes which constitutes about 75% of the Semester's grade in that particular class. Following all that work he finally had part of a day he and the daughter-in-law could share with us. In Law School you really do work pretty hard and personal time is at a premium. We all enjoyed a nice dinner as well as brunch the next morning before returning home. It was quality time.

While driving home from the visit I was listening to a Johnny Russell CD (Greatest Hits) that has one of my favorite tunes on it - Catfish John. I made comment to the wife that probably one reason the song meant so much to me was that one of my friend Roscoe Johnson's nicknames was "Catfish." Rocky was well about 45 years older than I, a black man, and he and his wife "Lil" baby sat me as a child. He worked at our family business for 'nigh onto 35 years. "I was proud to be his friend." He died a bunch of years back and I was the sole white person at his well attended funeral. He and his wife had no natural children but adopted a baby girl (Roxanne) much later in life. She was the absolute apple of his eye and did my wife and I the great honor of inviting us to the renewal of her Wedding Vows several years back, long after both her parents had passed on.

Anyway, listening to the music driving back got me to reminiscing about Rocky and Roxanne. I've not had contact with Roxie (or her husband) since that Vow Renewal. But back to my God Moment. I answered the phone here at the office this afternoon and Roxie's husband was on the line, looking to find an item needed for the place where he now works. I was blown away. Having not seen, spoken of or even thought about them for several years until driving home yesterday while listening to a piece music, I get a phone call today.

All I can say is: "Thank You, Lord, for the personal contact." And Rocky: "Keep a Jax cold for us to share when we next meet up."