Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Much as I hate to credit

Much as I hate to credit Rush Limbaugh:

He was speaking of “Change” on a recent program and posed the question: “What kind of change do we want?”

As a matter of personal opinion I want:
1). A better enforcement of laws on the books regarding illegal aliens and those who hire them.
2). Less intrusion of the Federal Government within matters of State Government.
3). Less intrusion of the Federal Government with regard to personal liberty.
4). Less intrusion of the Federal Government, period, with regard to any issue not specifically authorized them by the Constitution of the United States of America.
5). Better protection of our borders.
6). Out of the Iraqi war when it is reasonable to withdraw without sacrificing the investment we have put forth to date.
7). A stronger military, so we are in a better position to defend our national interests, should further needs arise.
8). More effective use of tax dollars sent to the Federal Government and less waste and pork.
9). A better social security system for ensuing generations without taking away the benefits I’ve spent the last 44 years contributing towards and relying upon to be available.
10). Medicare “ditto” with the exception that I’ve only been contributing for 42 years. Actually, I’d like to see available medical care to all without destroying what is arguably the best care available in the world or one’s choice as to how to receive it. Or being taxed out the wazoo to pay for it.
11). Elimination of programs that reward people who use welfare to provide for their livelihood rather than using them to provide interim support until they can get back on their feet and again become contributing members of society.
12). All those/my freedoms guaranteed me by the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States of America.
13). Protection of my interests (as an American Citizen) before my government involves itself (by funding or actions) in the interests of other countries.
14). The ability to drill for oil offshore or in ANWAR, to establish “wind farms” where most effective, to construct “pocket” nuclear power plants without gross government interference, etc.; all in an effort to reduce dependency on imported energy sources.
15). Federal judges to rule on the laws of our land as written and to not attempt “interpret” them in light of current thoughts or social mores. For judges to quit legislating and stare adjudicating, as is their charge.
16). Stricter non-selective enforcement for any and all those who break the laws or subvert them to further their own interests.
17). A better public education system that brings discipline back into the classroom, that allows teachers to teach and that holds them accountable for the quality of their instruction.
18). No more racism from any culture or community.All Americans are equal one to another, but no one should be “more” equal by virtue of past discrimination.

I could probably go on & on with this, but what’s the use. Guess you know how I’m going to vote this November.