Monday, May 05, 2014

Bp. V. Gene Robinson & Divorce(s)

On a personal note, I do NOT agree with the writers venomous statements inset below. But, that’s the way the news reached me. Of greater concern is the impacted lives retired Bp. V. Gene Robinson leaves in the wake of this second separation which appears headed to divorce also.

As most all know, he was first in a hetro. relationship which involved children as well as a wife. And therein is the basis for my personal question: “What commitment did he earnestly bring to each of those supposed covenanted relationships?” And furthermore: “What does this latest ‘breakup’ imply with regard to not only his leadership in the cause within TEC; but also within the LGBT community’s desire for equal recognition under the law as well as within a worldwide community of faith?” It seems there is a very fine line between being in a loving and caring relationship and seeking recognition of it as opposed to being in a relationship (notice absence of loving and caring here) for purely personal satisfaction and seeking to have it those actions recognized as legitimate, acceptable and equal.

I will agree divorce (even more than once) is sometimes a necessity in relationship; but again ask: “Are these kind of actions as well as those that seek to proffer an ‘in your face’ agenda of promiscuity upon society at large effective in furthering the cause or do they do it more harm than good?

“Gene Robinson, retired bishop of the Episcopalian diocese of New Hampshire, has decided to cap off a life devoted to placing the salvation of some Christians in jeopardy by adding yet another mortal sin to his already impressive list of accomplishments. He has announced his divorce from husband/wife/whatever, Mark Andrew. The first openly gay bishop in the Anglican church has announced he is divorcing his husband.

Retired Bishop Gene Robinson announced that he is divorcing Mark Andrew in an email to the Diocese of New Hampshire Saturday and an article for The Daily Beast.

Robinson, broke new ground as an Episcopal priest. First, by openly living in a homosexual relationship and then by convincing the moribund Episcopal Church to abandon several millenia of Western Civilization and jettison two thousand years of Christian theology on the altar of his libido to consecrate him bishop.

This set off a division in the Episcopal Church that is still raging to this day.

To a certain extent, Robinson epitomizes the actions of homosexual activists in every organization they touch. While professing to want “equality” they usher in a fascistic regime of thought policing and set about actively destroying the institution they claim to want to be accepted by.

Not only has Robinson made a sham of his priesthood and episcopacy by his open and notorious celebration of one of the four sins that cry out to God for vengeance, he has capped off is accomplishments by debasing the sacramental institution of marriage, coming and going, so to speak.

In this case, Robinson is not totally to blame. Those really responsible for Robinson’s rise to power and the ugly internecine struggle within the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion are the gutless, feckless men who set aside the teaching of God in order to promote Robinson’s public spectacle of sexual degradation.”