Friday, November 04, 2011

Let's begin again to...

Wife & I went out for our usual Thursday Night Mexican Dinner at the Taqueria (Thursday because it's Dollar Dos Equis Night) and as we were eating dinner I glanced up at a TV set (VERY common in Taquerias). A thought came to mind. Without endorsing any one candidate over another on the non-socalist right, it was what I consider an epiphany.
"The mainstream media has managed to villify Newt G., Sarah Palin, Michelle B., Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Ron Paul, et al. because they can't abide the possibility of one of them or anyone with their beliefs being elected."
It appears (IMHO) that Obama will be a one term president. Conventional wisdom also indicates he will be the candidate from the Democrat Party, much to their dismay. So... whoever gets the Republican nomination will probably be the next POTUS.

In their liberal obsession with equality (read sameness or socalism) for all (except the "elite", of course) they must cause any God fearing, right thinking, conservative, patriotic, capitalist to be seen as a demon. Hence the:
1). tearing down of all the above mentioned (and other) candidates;
2). the "pass" given the liberal socialists; and
3). the pass being given Mitt Romney.
Because (again, IMHO) while they have realized the distinct possibility of an elected Republican President, they are looking for the most liberal one out there. They can help him/her get elected and then criticize them for not being close enough to center to make them look bad throughout their term(s), and again begin moving us (U.S.) back left because: 'the Republicans certainly can't fix our problems.'

Where I'm going with this thread is that it's time we stood up against the MSM and began thinking for ourselves. The good Lord provided us with a brain to reason and 'free will' to pursue our thoughts. I think in part that's the point being made in the following video which I perchance receive this AM. Please take a moment to consider the common sense of what's being said rather than filter it with an opinion of the speaker based on what the media has caused you to believe about him. Choose your own candidate to support but make it upon what you individually have observed and KNOW to be fact rather than what a news outlet has caused you to believe. I blame the mainstream press for putting us in the position we now find ourselves; for, we certainly don't want to appear 'racist', don't you know? Rather than examining political positions, we as a nation have made a choice for their definition of equality when it really doesn't exist. To quote an old adage: 'Stupidity is the act of doing the same thing we've always done, the same way we've always done it and expecting a different result.' Let's not be stupid this time choose wisely; that we might begin again to: "establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity' ."