Friday, May 07, 2010

Gobekli Tepe and "stuff"

Gobekli Tepe is presumed to be the oldest "temple" yet discovered by archeologists, dating to some 9000 years B.C. Some believe it turns the idea of civilization and agriculture preceeding a culture of worship on its head, putting the act of worship first and establishes a possible location for the true Garden of Eden.
Some 7000 years before the Great Pyramids were built; some 6000 years before the invention of writing or the construction of Stonehenge, hunter gatherers came together near the 'Cradle of Civilization'. In a land indicated to be overflowing with plenty, before the establishment of settled communities, those peoples came together for the purpose of worshiping a greater being. That worship preceeded settlement. Mankind attempted to develop a relationship with God while he (man) was still gathering fruits in the wild (garden).
Even stranger is the indication that some 1000 years later, when man began his shift towards agriculture, that garden Temple was buried by human hands. FAR OUT!!! Just how far could one take this discovery in relationship to the words of Genesis Chapters 2-3? Is it possible that archeology is again providing validation to scripture? Parallelling those two Genesis Chapters:
It is being shown, that in an area of modern day southeastern Turkey on the northern edge of the Fertile Crescent, before the establishment of either agriculture or civilization, peoples assembled in a place where there was a bounty of both flora and fauna, gathered what they needed to survive on a day to day basis, and conducted some sort of worship to a Higher Power. Sometime later, for yet undiscovered reasons, the area was abandoned and covered up, again by human effort, only recently to have been found and begun being examined. Or to put it another way, mankind was existing in communion with his God in a location of plenty until something happened to cause him to leave that paradise. Only later did he begin establishing communities.
In another vein, while following up on last Sunday’s Lesson from Acts 11:1-18 as well as the portion of this week’s EFM Chapter concerning Ezekiel (1-3) I happened to also wander into some pictures I had saved of the Gobekli Tepe “Constellations”. Considering the Biblical descriptions of those creatures that came down from above, as well as what the Gobekli carvings might indicate, I was given even more cause to wonder as to the structure of our greater universe.

“I’m just saying, mind you.”