Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Trip to the Columbarium

At the Funeral for a Parishoner, as a member of the Columbarium Committee, it was my task to inurn Nancy’s cremains following everyone leaving the site. Coincidently, it was the first time the job fell to me.

As I began the task of removing the top from the niche and transferring her ashes into it, a young man with a violin, presumably one of her students, came up, opened his violin case, took out his instrument and began playing “Amazing Grace.”

While I did not look up and intrude on his offering, I believe I saw and heard another violinist join him. They finished as I was closing the niche, packed their instruments and left, even before my task was complete. Later, I inquired whether it was planned and have been told it was not.

A couple of thoughts occurred to me as I was going about my job; one, was that this gift was one of the Holiest Offerings I have ever seen presented. And second, that as I have chosen to be inurned there likewise; “my touchstone (Amazing Grace)” again reaffirmed a decision not made without careful consideration was “meet and right so to do.”

Pax Nancy, you will be missed by many.