Monday, November 24, 2008


Wife and I are going to NOLA for Thanksgiving with the kids. Son & Daughter from St. Louis will be there as well as the In-Laws from Houston. Looking forward to a wonderful time. Daughter just called from NOLA and asked if I'd saved a recipe from a previous dinner. Went to a file on the trusty old computer and there it was. While looking thru the "gazillions" of recipes stored there I found the following commentary about a Thanksgiving Dinner several years previous. Felt it was worth sharing.

"At Thanksgiving we take time to Give Thanks for the many blessings the Lord has bestowed upon us.

I was reading an article in a 'WINE' magazine a month or two ago, taking about Leah Chase and Thanksgiving with her family. She says, “it’s a big thing. The spread is just humongous. … “You sit down, and, my dear, you never leave.” I was struck by the attitude of which she spoke. Food & family. Is anything more important?

The story behind this year’s various dishes follows. Who knows, maybe there’s a tradition here somewhere.

Gumbo: for NOLA and the wonderful place she is; and for "The Club" and our memories of the Mixed Grill, eating their delicious Gumbo and raising our kids.

Proscuitto Wraps: for O & H and our friends Otto & Hilda who owned it for so many years. They probably taught me my first lessons (of many) what really GOOD food was about. They also had the “meat sticks” that a yellow dog loved almost as much as she loved us.

Banana Peppers: for SLS, who is the only person who eats more of them than I do.

Calmata Olives: for our Houston connection. First tried them at Antone’s out on North Main. It was our stop when leaving town after visiting Skip & Mary. We got their sandwiches and though we always tried to bring some home they got eaten up before the ride was over. In their own way they were as good as Central’s Muffuletta.

Baked Ham: for Paw. As much as y'all like my hams, his were even better. Lord, I still miss him and Maw.

Rib Roast: Beef, for Texas. May my family ever appreciate it for the place it is. I am an American, but I’m Texan first. If you don’t understand, you never will.

Mashed Taters: for Wm. ‘Nuff said.

Corn Maque Choux: again, for NOLA, and all the love and joy she’s given us.

Yeast Rolls: for Waco, Waco schools and remembering the delicious rolls they served us everyday. The fed us knowledge too. I don’t know that blessed is the right word, but the first rate education we received should count for something. Days before High School really weren’t all that bad.

Cheese Cake: Aunt Ruthie’s recipe. She and Uncle Chuck were my pods. Chuck died way too soon. Ruthie became Episcopalian way too late; but she was one. Surprised Daddy?, Episcopalians do get to Heaven too!

Pecan Pie: for Gran. Second only to Maw. You died too soon too! We miss you."