Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ray Price

I’ve listened to a lot of country singers in my time and Ray Price is surely at the top of my list of favorites. ‘Nigh on to 45 years ago, when all the country stars hit the Honky Tonks on tour, we never missed an appearance by Ray. He was simply the best. The last time wife and I went Honky Tonkin’ it was to hear him, accompanied by friends we’ve long since lost contact with. One died way too young, some ten or so years back.

About two years ago Ray did a concert here. Yeah, we sure did go see him and he was as good as ever. Only problem was that it was a concert, not a dance; and he only did one set. He had some new numbers that he mixed in with all our old favorites. One song he sang really hit home with me ‘cause Ray ain’t as young as he used to be and neither am I.

Called "Time", the lyrics follow:

Time is a monster,
that lives in our clocks,
it’s heartless and shows no remorse.
Consuming our future,
as we fight that 100 year war.

Time is a soldier,
steady and true,
relentlessly trudging along.
And time takes no prisoners,
nothing but time marches on.

Time is a weapon,
it’s cold and its cruel.
It knows no religion,
and plays by no rules.
Time has no conscience,
when it’s all said and done;
like a beast in the jungle,
that devours its young.

You can burn up the highway,
fly like the wind,
run down those long shiny rails.
But time’s right behind you,
like a hound dog that’s hot on your trail.

But were all in the same boat,
so just hold on,
and ride it to the end of the line.
Time waits for no one,
and everyone runs out of time.


While you’re young and “Bullet Proof” you don’t think too much about it; but as one starts dealing with all sundry issues of later middle age you're forced to accept the truth of the lyrics. Time does march on. And some days it causes me to look upon myself as a dinosaur. But let me tell you, the age of the dinosaur was a great age and it was sure as hell great to be one.


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