Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lost some friends lately

Been a rough week or two for Funerals. A friend of our lost her brother (age 52) weekend before last in a true horror story. Following the loss of their Mother and Father within the past 22 months, her Brother was preparing to walk his Daughter down the aisle. Four hours before the Wedding he suffered a massive heart attack and died. Then the Mother of the Bride's Mother suffered a stroke the following day.

My Brother in Law died tragically yesterday and picking up the paper today to see if his obit. made the paper I see that a long, long time friend passed on Saturday following a long illness. Let me tell you about her.

Ann was an English Professor at Baylor University, revered by the University, faculty and students alike. She was named one of Baylor's first two "Master Teachers" (a very select group) and the kind of teacher you wish all of your instructors could be like but then you're glad they're not; for if all were as challenging as she was you would never have and free time from studying. But man ..., she could teach and inspire her students.

I've mentioned before my fascination with obituaries. Well done ones seem to provide real insights into the character, both good and bad, of the deceased. I believe Her's the best I've read to date. But then, for Ann, I would expect nothing less. If you're a member of the Baylor family, you probably in some way or another, knew and remember Ann Miller. Her obit can be found in Wilkerson Hatch Bailey's Memorial Obituaries

Rest in Peace, Annie Laurie Vardaman Miller.
Godspeed and God Bless.


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