Thursday, June 22, 2006

Antoine "Fats" Domino

Was given Fats Domino’s Alive and Kickin’ for Father’s Day. It’s available through and is The Fat Man’s paean to The City that he loves with all his heart and soul. The one he refused to leave during Katrina or at any other time in the last several years for that matter.

Fats was rescued from his home in the lower Ninth Ward. The house was totally flooded and most everything in his home was lost, looted or ruined, including most of his Gold Records. I understand that arrangements are being made to replace the records. Meanwhile Fats is living in Harvey or Gentilly, or so I’ve heard.

Oddly enough, the material on the album was put down in 2000 and still awaiting release when Katrina hit. You listen to the music and can appreciate the hold New Orleans has on Fats as well as so many other folks.

In his album Fats says: This Is My Story, It Makes no Difference Now, I Spent All My Money Loving You, but I’m Alive and Kickin’, taking things One Step At A Time. He goes on to say: I’ll Be All Right and I’m at Home USA in New Orleans and that I’ll Love You ‘Till The Day I Die. Regarding Katrina he laments, Ain’t That A Shame.

Fats is around 78 now and will probably depart this earthly life well before I do. If he does, I’ve made myself a promise that I will attend his Jazz Funeral.

Anyway, it's a great album; so do yourself and New Orleans musicians a favor and pick up a copy.


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