Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hey there, Rosie girl

On a recent edition of "The View", Rosie O'Donnell said that radical Christianity is as threatening as radical islam. What causes this woman to be so obsessed with demeaning Christianity? At least in the Post-Modern era, I'm hard pressed to find the violence and forced conversion in any of the mainline faith systems other than islam. To the best of my knowledge Judaism, Christianity, Shinto's, Taoism and Buddhism are not preaching "convert or be killed" but a rather a doctrine of love, peace and forgivness. I'm also aware that many moderate adherants of Islam say that this is not what the Koran teaches. My issue then becomes why do these moderate Islamics not loudly denounce the radicals instead of keeping their collective mouths shut? BTW, I'm not looking to be challenged with regards to some splinter group or another which falls outside the teachings of their faith and are loudly denounced by all that faith's other followers.

The Pope, quoting a 15th Century German Scholar while in Germany, made reference to that scholar's comments regarding islam and their desire to convert or kill. So as I see it, we have radical islamics calling for The Pope to be killed because he said they support killing those who do not support their faith. Now that makes perfect sense to me (yeah, right).

On a personal note, I'm so tired of this kind of Bull S*#t from the "stars" of the entertainment industry that I've made a decision not to support them in any way. I will not buy products they advertise or support advertisers of programs or venues where they appear, I will not watch them in movie theaters or on television, nor will I support them at the sales or rental outlets for the CD's, DVD's or Films which are the result of their efforts.

I would like to say "To Hell With Them" but then that's not really a Christian Perspective. So, I will do my part to see that they make a couple of dollars less. If others take this same attitude, maybe it will reach the point that they get down to their last $40 or $50 Million and realize that to continue with the lavish self-absorbed and self- indulgent life styles to which they have become accustomed they need to keep their mouths shut and start concerning themselves with their own business.


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