Friday, October 13, 2006

Judge Harry & NOLA

Just saw that Harry Anderson (the Judge of "Night Court", the TV sitcom) has decided to pack up and leave the City. He's sold his house, his magic shop, the club he was opening and is moving on. Seems the daily battles became too much for him to continue putting up with. I'm not talking New Orleans' "clean-up", I mean fighting City Hall, the NOPD, the power company, etc, etc, etc.

That makes me sad. Not that Harry's leaving, but that another small piece of what makes NOLA special and unique has gone by the wayside. If things don't begin turning around soon, the City will have lost much of what allows one to develop their own personal love affair with it.

I read a quote attributed to him and it seems to sum up the whole stinking mess. He says: "New Orleans is like a woman you never stop loving, but you can't live with her either. I have never been less sure of anything I've ever done. I always feel like I could live in the French Quarter forever. And if it weren't in New Orleans, I would."

Godspeed and Go in Peace, Harry; we'll miss seeing you around.


At 2:12 PM, Anonymous Sam said...

Yeah, it makes me sad, too. The city needs to turn it around fast. On a positive note, the Saints sure are doing all they can to help! 5-1... Geaux Saints!
Love you, Daddy.


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