Friday, April 13, 2007


Words are very interesting things, “mightier than the sword”, verdad?

I’m very, very careful with the words I use and that’s probably one reason I don’t have more up on my “blog”, it takes too much time and thought. Don Imus on the other hand, wasn’t so careful. So, he got the “boot”. No excuse can be offered for the words he used or the pain they caused. As far as his job goes, that’s up to the people that write his checks. If he’s not making money for them he should be out the door. And with his advertisers all canceling, he ain’t making them money.

BUT, what about all the other people out there who use the same words and get a pass. The few times I’ve heard any Rap Music it seemed obscene and devoid of any redeeming social value. In certain areas we see peoples of unique ethnic backgrounds calling each other all sorts of names and that’s OK because they are all of the same ethnicity. Appears there’s a double standard at work here. Also what of people of one minority ethnic background “slurring” people of another ethnicitiy but not really being called on the carpet for their words? “Hymie” Town comes particularly to mind. And that was OK because …?

If we are going to chastise one person in the public eye for using derogatory comments lets go after everyone and if we’re going to take one person off the air for saying “nappy headed” or “ho” lets remove all references of that ilk and not be selective, no matter who gets caught, even the prominent people in the liberal, activist or entertainment columns.

I guess I think one could almost say Imus is the scapegoat of selective racism.


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