Saturday, February 24, 2007

Newsletters, I don't need no stinkin' newsletters

I've mentioned that I read several newsletters daily. One really punched my buttons a few days back and here is part of a reply I sent to the author.

Dear ...

"In general, I really enjoy your newsletter and in truth am no fan of Bush 43 either. But, the latest column went past my tolerance level for tirades against him. My recollection is that with regard to Social Security, Bush attempted to address the issue and Congress (and the American public) wanted no part of it. Consequently, actually working to resolve the problem died for a lack of second.

I'm certainly NOT happy about the spending that is taking place, both for the war AND any other pork barrel project or "earmark" that any given Representative can hang on the budget or any other bill.

I have written in the past to indicate that Medicare Part D saves me approximately ... per year and enables ... to receive necessary medication ... So, for what it's worth I wholeheartedly support it. Is it a panacea? Does it do everything a program such as this should? NO! But is it better than what was available two years ago? Absolutely!!! Without Plan D we could not afford ...

With regard to The War on Terrorism, and not JUST the conflict in Iraq: As a very early "boomer", I'm not so far removed from the "Greatest Generation" that I can see the need for response to acts of aggression. The only way I'm willing to compare the basis of this conflict to Vietnam is in the lack of resolve of the American people at the failure of immediate result. Seems I recollect at the outset of this campaign we were advised that this would not be a short term or easy victory. In Vietnam, the American public had little investment when we began going "in country". Likewise, the premise for entry was flawed. Don't misunderstand here, either. Is Iraq a mess? Again, absolutely. But are we totally wasting our time and efforts, I'm not so sure.

We as a Nation have become far to invested in "instant gratification" and "The Great Society" programs foisted on us by another Texas President of a different party, Lyndon Baines Johnson, that we have lost sight of the principles that this Nation was founded upon. Not the least of which is independence and self-reliance. Our Churches have been generally divested of their role as providers of aid and comfort. Government has gone from being a Nation under God to a Nation legislating away our Creator and becoming the provider of all our needs. Our children have no knowledge of any but immediate history and their general educational level seems to slip further each year. Mediocrity becomes the target in the name of equality.

And whose fault is that really? You, me, and each and every other American - voter or not. Yes, the President has power, but so do the other two bodies of Government, the Legislative and the long ignored Judicial. I think the ultimate point I'm trying to make is that while I am no fan of Pres. Bush, I'm reluctant to say that everything that's wrong with this Country is his fault and am tired of everyone else with an axe to grind because they don't like any one or two issues that he or previous Presidents advanced, doing the same. Speak the truth and acknowledge that we ALL are responsible for the deplorable shape we're in, and don't make the President a "scapegoat".

My favorite quotation of Benjamin Franklin's is his one in answer to the question: "What kind of Government have you given us, Mr. Franklin? To which he replied: A Republic, Madam, if you can keep it." Note he said Republic, not Democracy. And I will parse hairs with you there in admitting that we are a Democratic Republic if you will admit that we are NOT nor were meant to be a true Democracy.


Given my thoughts above, it would appear time for each of us to assume responsibility for our own lives and quit abdicating to "the government". Much the same as TEC, if we will work together to resolve issues and go beyond the point of having to be a winner and make the other side a loser, our Nation will see benefit, as will our denomination.


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