Monday, January 08, 2007

It's a New Year

In Church last Sunday I was considering the start of this New Year and the many blessings we are privileged to begin it with. Possibly because for several years now I've not had much positive to start another year, it's been hard to look forward. "Been down so long it looks like up to me." You know?

Anyway, our Daughter-in-law will graduate from Sewanee this May and she and our Son will in all likelihood be moving back to Texas and if not back to God's country at least closer. Our son has determined that Law School is the correct path for him so he plans on beginning those studies sometime around September. Getting her graduated, him on a career path and them hopefully closer to home have been aspirations long held.

Our Daughter is engaged to be married to a wonderful man and their wedding will take place in June at our home Parish where she served as Acolyte for many years. Her ex-EYC Youth Director, now a Canon at the Cathedral, will give the homily. She, also, is on track to earn her Bachelor's Degree this May, another thing we have long desired (Graduation, not the Wedding, though we have hoped she finds that right person for quite some time).

My surgery continues to heal. I see continual improvement in its results, and the Wife's health remains reasonably good (have I mentioned that she suffers from M.S. yet is without the more devastating symptoms of the disease).

In addition to all that I've been working on a more positive mental attitude for myself. It certainly appears things are improving and even business is starting off much better than it has since possibly '02. Seems almost too good to be true. As such it's rather difficult to turn loose of all the baggage I've toted for some time now. But, you know what, I'm 'gonna try.

Thanks be to God!


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