Saturday, October 21, 2006

A view from the Center Aisle

Seems I've received yet more recent issues of both Nevertheless and Encompass. Seems also, that the rhetoric in each publication is becoming more and more shrill and exclusive and that neither side wants to even consider trying to work towards reconciliation.

Historically, the Elizabethan Settlement (later known as the Via Media) set aside personal preferences in hopes of bringing unity and peace to a divided Church. Bp. Don Wimberly, Bishop of the Diocese of Texas, recently (late Sept. '06) hosted a meeting of many other Diocesan Bishops at Camp Allen (a place I consider holy ground, BTW). Those Bishops were they who would hold TEC together while at the same time refusing to be disenfranchised by the Anglican Communion. Ultra-conservative"right wingers" accused their brothers at that meeting of selling out to the left and not taking a strong enough stand. Ultra-liberal "left wingers" accused them of selling out to the right and not standing up for what they (the left) represented likewise.

If we continue down this path where there must be a winner and a loser, there will be no winners and all will lose. Pray that those of us in the middle are not collateral damage of the movements which would destroy this Episcopal Church which we hold dear.


At 9:02 AM, Blogger Seven Star Hand said...

Hello Again Observer,

Still think I'm the AntiChrist? Who created the term Christ, by the way? Wasn't it the Roman Empire? Have you seen enough to perhaps discern that religion is always a chosen tool of empire builders because that was its original function? If the messiah is to vanquish the sword and open the eyes of the blind, who might those blind sword wielders include?

Are you ready to open your eyes and consider that religion is the tool of the anti-messiah, because religion is the opposite of truth and wisdom and has been used to blind people to the true nature of their leaders? Think long and hard about how you react to this message. All is not as it seems and I am not your enemy...

Remember, "I come as a thief..." ?

Read verse twelve of the Gospel of Thomas to understand who I am...

Two Ways, Paths, and the Narrow Gate

Be aware that what I say is intended to make people uncomfortable with the status quo so we can finally forge that long promised new path to the future. Here is the chance to truly understand the Creator's expectations. The truth will be a bitter pill to many, so remember that patience and humility are wise virtues and scoffing causes blindness.

Many Christians speak of the straight and narrow gates, doors, or paths without comprehending the true meaning of this symbolism. Thanks to historical and doctrinal errors resulting in confusing language in the New Testament and other sources, the true meaning of these verses and other philosophical discussions of dualism are so poorly and vaguely presented that people have been forced to rely on the interpretations of religious leaders, that have unfortunately been the primary sources and perpetuators of confusion.

Understanding why religion is strong delusion

Christians often quote things like "know them by their fruits," yet after millennia of being duped into abetting blatantly evil scoundrels, many still don't understand the meaning or import of much of what they read. The same canon paradoxically propounds "faith," which means the complete opposite of "know them by their fruits," i.e., to discern the truth by analyzing deeds and results (works) and to weigh actions instead of merely believing what is said.

The deceptive circular logic of posing a fantasy messiah who urges both discernment of the truth and faith (belief without proof) clearly represents a skillful and purposeful effort to impose ignorance and confusion through "strong delusion." Any sage worth his salt could understand the folly of this contradictory so-called wisdom. This and mountains of evidence demonstrate that faith and religion are the opposite of truth and wisdom. It is no wonder charlatans like Rove, Bush, and others have marked Christians as dupes to be milked as long and as hard as possible. Any accomplished con artist easily recognizes religion as the ultimate scam and fervent followers as ready-made marks and dupes.

We now live in an era where science has proven so much about the vastness, rationality, mathematical preciseness, and structural orderliness throughout every level of our 11-dimension universe. Nonetheless, large percentages of people still conclude that these flawed and contradictory religious canons are the unmodified and infallible "word of God." People who can't (or won't) discern the difference between truth and belief are easily misled about the differences between good and evil, wisdom and folly, perfection and error, reason and irrationality, and right and wrong.

The fact that political leaders have always had close relationships with religious leaders while cooperating to manipulate followers to gain wealth and power is overwhelming evidence that the true purpose of religion is deception and delusion. People who are unable to effectively discern basic moral choices or to reason accurately are easily indoctrinated to follow the dictates of national and imperial leaders who wrap themselves in religious pretense. Truth and wisdom are direct threats to the existence and power of empires. That is why imperial leaders always strive to hide so-called secret knowledge and impose deception and ignorance upon their subjects.

What then is the purpose of "faith" but to prevent otherwise good people from seeking to understand truth and wisdom?

Doctrine of Two Spirits



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