Saturday, February 03, 2007


Was watching the tube this morning and USA channel had the movie Apollo 13 on. It got me to thinking:

How many people actually walked on the face of the Moon?
Twelve, all being American, male, NASA Astronauts.

Then I wondered how old they all were.
Here's the list:

Neil Armstrong, born 1930
Buzz Aldrin, born 1930
Pete Conrad, born 1930 died 1999 - age 69
Alan Bean, born 1932
Alan Shepard, born 1923 died 1998 - age 74
Edgar Mitchell, born 1930
David Scott, born 1930
James Irwin, born 1930 died 1991 - age 61
John Young, born 1932
Charles Duke, born 1935
Gene Cernan, born 1934 and
Harrison Schmidtt, born 1935

All surviving astronauts from the lunar missions are now in their mid 70's and it has been 35 years since man has set foot on the moon or any other extraterrestrial body except the space station.

The point being?
We haven't come so far in the last 35 years, have we?
And how much longer will we have these men among us to tell their stories?
Not so long, I fear.


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