Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Barbaro was put down yesterday. I heard of it about noon time and was very saddened. He was a courageous horse who I (as well as hundreds of thousands of his other fans) both hoped and prayed would survive. Such was not to be. To the credit of the veterinary staff and his owners (if in fact anyone can truly own something so proud and magnificent), it became time to make the hard decision and they did so. I applaud them for doing the right thing.

A few observations:
As humans, have medical advances been so great as to cause us to sometimes do the wrong thing in an effort to play god and extend human life instead of doing the right thing and allowing one to pass on when it becomes time? I've long held that modern medical science sometimes ignores quality of life and dignity issues solely in an effort to prolong life without regard to the person whose life is being extended.

With all the prayers offered up for Barbaro's recovery, will our good Lord not find a place for him, as well as those many other of His creatures who've journeyed with us for however short a time; having enriched our lives in this earthly existence?

If you love animals and have lost one or more who have given their life to you, don't you also feel that saddness at his passing and want to go home and hold those still with you a little tighter than usual?

I believe in good animals it is that we first find true unconditional love and that love they share with us allows us to know and appreciate that same unconditional love we are given by the Father.

And finally, if animals have never been a part of your life, you can't understand my point, so don't bother trying.


At 11:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

while not truly germane to the focus of the post, I wonder what your feeling is on horse racing in general, after seeing another fantastic derby end in tragedy, this time having to put down eight belles right there on the track. Do I think it is barbaric? no. I love horse racing, and I love to see them run. they are truly magnificent creatures. however, is the cost too great? I know injuries are a result of sport, but as humans, we are deciding whether these "athletes" participate. as such, isn't it our obligation to provide these "forced" participants with as safe an environment as possible? Lots of Love,

At 7:59 AM, Blogger The Observer said...

Tough question.

I suppose I believe that most sport, be it hunting, fishing, Rodeo, Motor Sports, Football, Hockey, or whatever involves a certain amount of risk. It seems to me to be the nature of the beast.

"Isn't it our obligation to provide these participants as safe an environment as possible?" Absolutely, but does that negate all possibility of accident? Sadly no. Are the participants "forced" to compete? I don't think so. Being around equine sports years back I saw little if any forced behavior. Most times the horses were doing what they were designed and bred to do, and that's run. Animals that didn't "perform" weren't used. They weren't good participants.

Sometimes things don't work out the way we desire them to and all the safety precautions in the world don't matter. Bad things do happen to good people.

One can legislate some things from existence, but one not man's inhumanity. That, it seems to me is where faith enters in. Trust not in things temporal but in things eternal and all will be well, and all will be well.

Love always.


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