Friday, February 10, 2006

EFM last night

EFM last night was a little “off putting.” Year 2 discussed the “natural and healing miracles” of Christ. Healing miracles particularly came into question as oft times being able to be scientifically disproven. The one about “casting out demons” from the man possessed was dissected. A scenario was offered indicating that a “Grand Mal” seizure which had about run its course had occurred. This was coupled with the idea that that type of ailment was not then recognized as a medical condition but as a demonic possession. Therefore, when Christ laid His hands on at an opportune time, the seizure ended and the man was deemed cured. Quien sabe (who knows)?

But here’s my issue. If we consider these stories of the Old and New Testaments to be only myths or allegories, where do we stop with the myths and when do we begin to believe. How do we determine what to accept as factual? Did Jonah really spend 3 days in the belly of a big fish? Probably not, call that a myth or whatever; but what about Moses and the Red Sea? I buy into the idea that something miraculous (beyond mere tidal surge) happened during the Exodus. And moving then to Christ’s miracles, were they only natural phenomenon or something really extraordinary? I choose to believe that something otherworldly happened in those instances, by God’s hand, time after time.

Elsewise, ultimately, one can follow the path to the Cross and Resurrection and ask was Christ really raised or was what was written some literary device to illustrate a point? Or for that matter, a belief based on mass hypnosis? Beginning down that road, you can finally arrive at a position without basis for a faith in Christ Himself and instead accept only a belief system that espouses love of one another and right treatment of all persons. Can we center our faith on Christ as only a Prophet? Not I.

So, I’ll continue to regard what is written as real truth and refuse to accept the modernists who attempt to understand the Faith as mostly allegory. You see, I firmly believe that by working backwards; there can be no Christianity without the Resurrection, no Resurrection without the Crucifixion of God Incarnate and likewise no God Incarnate, without the Virgin birth. For I believe “that God came down from Heaven…”, and with God all things are possible. Sometimes you just have to draw that line in the sand.


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