Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Consider this a post just because I want to put something on the web and am out of "deep thoughts" to share at the moment.

I LOVE C. S. Lewis and his writing. Wife and I have been to see The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and came away well pleased. Thought the film was very good and followed the book almost to the letter. I went expecting to be disappointed. Fortunately, I had to look hard to find someplace to take exception with the production. Best I could do after watching was to determine that while "The Chronicles ..." are pretty clear to me in their Christian allegory; the film managed to keep away from the allegorical and just present a story about fantasy and magic, talking beasts and a land far away. So, I can criticize Hollywood again for their secular agenda and refusal to approach Christian thought with any real seriousness.

But, then after seeing the film I got to reading some of my older C. S. Lewis commentaries and found that Lewis' idea behind "Lion, Witch & Wardrobe" was sneaky. Seems he initially set out to write a fantasy for kids that weren't "of the Faith" with the idea that in later life they might remember the fairy tale from their youth and recognize Christ and His Passion, having heard a similar story in their youth. Yeah, Baby! The more I read about Lewis, the more respect I gain for his intellect (and it's considerable already). Thus, I commend the film to you or to anyone else. Forget the reviews that don't seem to get it. It's a great film with super production values and excellent acting. Special effects are believeable. All in all a worthwhile evening's entertainment.

Having said that, I'll close with one of my favorite quotations about Narnia:

“The best part was the very real Aslan. I have always been jealous of the Narnians, they get Him in the flesh and we didn’t. I want to dig my hands into His mane and feel the warmth of His breath on my face.”
“Of course, when I grew older, I understood their deeper meaning and with an almost childlike glee, realized that one day I would indeed go to Narnia.”

And to all who wander thru this Christmas, "I wish you all the Peace and Blessings this Holyday Season has to offer".


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