Monday, November 14, 2005


I was kneeling in the pew in silence yesterday before Holy Communion, as was the rest of the Parish when a very young child loudly and gleefully cried out “Da-Da”. Don’t really know what prompted the outburst as it was quiet and I was engrossed in my own issues. Obviously, I was interrupted from my thoughts and prayers. Thanks be to God!

The child’s obvious elation in calling for their Da-Da got me to thinking. Isn’t that the way we should approach the Eucharist? Filled with joy at the opportunity to once again be reunited with our Abba. It seems that frequently we become too “bogged down” in the mundane to approach our Father (thru His Son) with the childish joy that this youngster had, excitedly and lovingly calling out to Da-Da.

That must be one of the meanings of “coming to Me as a little child.”

So, I guess that next Sunday, before Communion, instead of going over all the cares and concerns from the past week, I’ll try and just get closer to my Da-Da.


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