Thursday, November 03, 2005

Drinking from a fire hose

Got a newsletter today from one of the organizations I tend to support. The author was speaking about people really "getting into" things, tending to overdo their initial experience which ultimately leads them to abandon the activity (he was referring in part to beginning a Faith Journey) before even getting started good. He used the metaphor of "drinking from a Fire Hose." Don't know about you but if I were to take a drink from a fire hose it would probably be the last drink I was in a mood to take for quite some time. I know it's hard not to immerse yourself in something you find new and interesting but in doing so it seems interest generally wanes and suddenly you're back to the start, dropping whatever held your attention and looking for something new.

He (the author) suggested taking things a little slower, developing discipline and committment along the way and then we are better able to follow thru with those things which we have begun, even so far as beginning lifelong relationships with them (esp. our Faith). I like the idea.

When counseling clients who are considering going into business, I try and explain my theory that most successes are built on habit. We get into the habit of buying Ford trucks, going to Church on Sunday, eating at one or a few restaurants we are comfortable with or shopping at one or two particular stores. Not always because they are the best, but because it becomes a habit and habits (good or bad) are hard to break.

It's probably wrong to connect Worship to habitual behavior, but I find that some Sundays I'm in Church because it's habit and not a burning need. And I think that's OK. The good side of that is when the need does burn I'm already in the habit of showing up. And even those "habit days", when I'm on autopilot, I tend to benefit my spiritual growth even without trying.

I suppose I should make a conscious effort not to drink from any Fire Hoses anytime soon.


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