Friday, December 02, 2005

Lessons and Carols

Going to Sewanee this weekend for Lessons and Carols. It will be the first time back on the Domain since our son graduated ('01).

When we've been there in the past we've always taken a Sewanee Angel home with us. (For the unenlightened Sewanee is on a mountain top in the Cumberland Plateau. 10,000 acres of some of the most beautiful real estate you can imagine. It's called the Domain and legend has it that it is so beautiful and so close to God that Angels dwell there). Traditionally, when entering the Domain you 'tap the roof of your car' and release your Angel that you last took with you (again by tapping the roof of your car) when you exited Sewanee the previous time. They are supposed to watch over you and take care of you 'till you again return.

Guess in the past 4 years I've been kind of hard on the one I currently have watching over me. So, it's time to give the 'fella a rest. Hopefully, I'll get a well rested replacement to stand in his stead who can maybe give me a hand getting things back on an even keel.

Under any circumstance, I'll get to enjoy one of the most beautiful Services our Church offers. This Christmas more so than normal, I could use some more positive karma.

Pax, y'all


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