Monday, February 06, 2006

Wrote my obit a while back

Being accused of having a Type A personality (I disagree with those making that accusation, but...) and as my wife and I have buried all our parents in the recent several years; some time back I wrote my desires for my Burial Service (Rite I, Thank you) in the hopes that 1.) it would make things easier for whoever has to make the final arrangements and 2.) so that the Service would reflect my personality, thoughts and beliefs. I do not see it being used anytime soon and continue to refine it while observing the Services of others (been to waaay too many Funerals lately) as well as adapting it to my changing preferences. It's kept in my Prayer Book. Anyone who knows me knows, for better or worse, my Prayer Book is as important to me as my Bible. There are several translations around the house and we're as liable to read one as another, but wife & I each have only one Book of Common Prayer. On the back of the instructions is an obit I wrote for myself.

Have you ever seen the romantic comedy Serendipity? It stars Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack. Cusack's compadre is Jeremy Piven whose job is writing obits for the local newspaper. Towards the end of the film he writes one for Cusack detailing his passions and how he had lived his life to date (and No, Cusack's character isn't dying). I was struck by what he (Piven) found to be relevant and what was not. On a whim decided to write mine. In doing so, it's interesting to see what one considers noteworthy and likewise inconsequential. I daresay mine is not what most folks would expect from me, but then I've never been one to stand on convention.

Oddly, I enjoyed writing it and know that when the time comes that it is put to use, more than a few folks are going to say: "Never would have guessed that!"


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