Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Chocolate City

Heading to "The Big Easy" tomorrow. Staying at the Pontchartrain so will get to visit my friend Phil and hopefully see some of the regulars at the Bayou Bar. It will be the first time to overnight there since Katrina and are hoping all goes well. Going to take our pups with us. The Hotel allows pets (I didn't know that 'till I asked. Got to wonder if in part it's not because of the upheaval from the storm). This trip will be an experience. The pups are well trained and quiet but neither are small dogs (a Lab and a Rhodesian Ridgeback) and I guess I'll spend quite a bit of time "babysitting" them.

Mayor Nagin has caught bo coups flack over his Chocolate City reference and accusing God of attacking New Orleans. Listening to the radio this AM, someone jokingly asked if you've ever been in NOLA in the Summer saying, "It's not the Chocolate City but more like Chocolate Fondue."

Chris Rose is a columnist for the New Orleans Times-Picayune and wrote a piece about Nagin's speech. It's one of the best works of satire that I've seen in quite some time. Catch it at if you need a spot of humor in your day.

Seriously, I really want to see the City back to the "good way" it was before the storm. It won't be exactly the same, no place ever hit by a natural disaster of any magnitude ever is. Buildings, merchants and support services come and go, with or without disasters to move them along. However, it is my fervent prayer that the New Orleans I know and love retain all the character and people that make it what it was and is; and sooner rather than later, I get to see it whole again.

BTW: I'll enjoy a Muffaletta from Central Grocery and Coffee and Beignets from Cafe du Monde while I'm there. Quoting Justin Wilson, "Ah garrontee!"


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