Wednesday, May 02, 2007

And awaaay we go!

Something is dreadfully wrong with parts of The Episcopal Church.

News of the day is that NJ Governor resignate Jim McGreevey now wants to become an Episcopal Priest and is pursuing the track for ordination. Here we have an openly Gay person who is arguably the "fearless leader" of one of the most corrupt administrations in the history of New Jersey politics. A state, BTW, that is and long has been renown for its corruptness. Call it "Louisiana North", if you will.

I would assume that he is pursuing ordination within the Diocese of Newark, but then why should that surprise anyone. It seems that the ultra liberal wing of our Church is bent on destroying any semblance of normalcy and attempting to see how far over the top they can go without being called on the carpet for their actions.

Folks, we're losing sight of the mission of our Church. I pray daily for our Church; however, it seems to me that I'm doing something wrong as things just seem to get worse.

Maybe I should be praying for schism?


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