Monday, March 13, 2006

Come Sunday, it'll be alright

In EFM the other night one of our group brought forth the question “Why are we (individually) Christian?" They then proposed the idea that we “were Christian because we had been born into Christian families. Were we living in Iraq or some other such place and born into a Muslim family we would likely be a practicing Islamic.” Personally, I wasn’t on board with that premise, but it did cause me to ponder the question.

By coincidence (or Divine Providence – you decide) the following Sunday’s Sermon (from Genesis 22:1-14 – called “The Akedah” or “The Binding” in reference to Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice Isaac) brought forth the point: “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming”, reminiscent of our “being Easter people in a Good Friday world.” Which, in turn, got me to thinking about grace & peace. In that same Sermon, our Curate recalled the words of the Blessing: “The peace of God, which passeth all understanding …”. That solidified in my mind why I believe what I do.

You see, the pronouncement just before the Recessional Hymn and Dismissal has long been a fundamental stepping stone in the path of my Faith journey. My life, particularly, is and has been fraught with chaos. I find it worrisome facing secular issues, daily growing more tired at having to deal with life’s ups and downs. It seems particularly hard for me to let go of “things” and offer them up to God. We are, after all, constructed to generally be self reliant, don’t you know. But upon receiving that “Peace”, I am again reminded that I’m not alone, that I do have the Lord to shoulder my burden for me, to allow me the chance to take pause and refresh myself, and to offer me the promise that “Come Sunday”, it’ll be alright." And that, I suppose, is why I’m a Christian.


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