Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Was talking to the daughter last afternoon and she told me about a serendipitous moment she had just experienced while online. Goes like this:
It seems that she had just gotten a notification from one of the airline companies that some 40,000 of her miles were due to expire due to inactivity on the account. Obviously not wanting that to happen she went online to donate 1,000 or so of the miles to cause activity and keep her mileage current. While doing so she was also surfing around some photography sites (have I mentioned she's a starving professional photographer?) and found that a free workshop was being offered, on how to establish your photography business, to the first respondent. So, she popped off an email. As fate would have it she was the first to reply, thus receiving a scholarship to a workshop she was really interested in.
I've long said that "No good deed goes unpunished." I guess this time that's inaccurate. In blessing others she also was blessed.

Have I mentioned that the name of the website was, in part: "Pay It Forward?" He works in mysterious ways, No?

Y'all have a happy & prosperous New Year.


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