Friday, October 05, 2007


I’ve just finished reading a news report that was broadcast on 20/20. I didn’t see it when it aired as I have come to believe that the news media everywhere no longer reports news, but only espouse their particular agendas. I include therein all major network nightly news, programs such as 20/20, all the Sunday AM political hacks, daily newspapers, etc. Consequently, my reading or listening to events of the day comes from either multiple financial journals (I’ve found that when it comes to issues regarding money, there’s no bias, only facts) or sources that admit they are pushing their agendas and make no effort to present themselves as evenhanded. I suppose that’s rather cynical, but that’s why they don’t waste my time. It causes me to do more research about items I find of interest but my opinions are thus my own and not fed to me like pablum or propaganda.

None the less, I was moved to tears by a story that 20/20 ran. Read it here and see if you can make it through without being deeply moved. It’s about everything that is right and good about our Armed Forces. I also worked my way thru most of the comments and was pleased that most respondents felt and reacted as I did. I guess my biggest issue with the whole thing is why wasn’t it worthy of “real” news reporting at the time? More agenda or bias, I guess…


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