Monday, August 13, 2007

Reaking is fundamental

So I heard about this PSA showing on BET about a rap cartoon directed to kids telling them to "read a Mo' Fockin' book, read a book Nigger, a Fockin' book.." The balance of the presentation is worse yet.

Before writing this, I waited for half a week doing research to determine if it was really aired or not. I wrote Snopes; no surprise that I didn't get a reply, and after further investigation finally came up with this link to a BET message board reinforcing my premise that it really was shown on their (BET's) channel.

The original report came from a newsletter which provides a better commentary than can this observer. Further research brought forth two schools of thought regarding the piece:
1). That its purpose is to uplift the audience to which it's directed and that audience can better understand the message if it's put forth in the vernacular of their own culture.
2). That it's a satirical piece making fun of and attempting to shame the culture it portrays and hopefully they will see and understand the error of their ways.

I don't see it as successful in either case. In a couple of weeks this old man will have been around for 60 years and I'd be hard pressed to remember anything I've found more disgusting, distressing and offensive. I have long had serious concern for our country's corporate identity as well as the future of my children and my grandchildren yet to be. This "cartoon" only reinforces that fear. As a society it would seem that we are accepting of abhorrent behaviors and rationalizing those same behaviors in the hopes that we can "get through" to the marginalized folks who don't know any better. I can't (or won't) buy into that premise.

Right is right and wrong is wrong. There's no way to pick up a turd by it's clean end so that you don't have stinky on you afterwards. And this turd, my friends, reeks to high heaven.


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