Thursday, June 07, 2007

George, you really are a hero

Was watching the boob tube for a few moments last evening before I got a call that the "alarm" had gone off at the office; or maybe when I had just gotten back home, I can't remember which. For lack of anything better I was watching a show with the premise of the "Next Newest Great Invention." It had a billion dollar panel of judges, to include George Foreman, the boxer and pitchman for George Foreman Grills. You know the format, the contestant comes out, makes a pitch for themself, generally getting ridiculed by the panel and then leaving to make room for the next schmuck to come out and look like a fool, too. Great entertainment, no? Occasionally someone has a decent idea, or presentation, or whatever and they go on to the next round. The whole genre was spawned by American Idol.

George is the "nice" judge who likes more than his share of contestants, the kindhearted judge who wants most everyone to enjoy some modicum of success. Anyway, so this young boy (10 or 12 years old) has some goofy idea about dealing with dirty diapers (I missed his presentation) and gets shot down by the panel - only George is supportive of him. The kid appears to be somewhat undone with his failure and George recognizes it. I don't think the judges were particularly hard on him, but that age on national TV you assume he's not able to deal with the rejection like an adult.

Well, George (a father of a bunch of his own kids) recognizes the boy's pain and takes time to get up and walk offstage with him, encouraging him along the way and hugging the boy and his mom outside the stage area. It almost brought me to tears. This big, tough, World Champion Heavyweight Boxer recognizing a child's discomfort and taking time to try and help heal it.

You're a hero, George, not for the millions you've made off your grills, not because you've won Olympic Gold or Heavyweight Titles 14 years apart but simply because you recognized a child's pain and did what you could to ease it.
Way to go!


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