Tuesday, May 29, 2007


The Bp. was here for Confirmation yesterday and Confirmed 14 youths and 14 adults – WOW!!!

As is his privilege, he gave the Sermon and since it was Pentecost he wore his mitre and used it to illustrate a part of his Sermon referring to the “tongues of fire” raining down on the Apostles. That is the symbolism of the headdress.

He also got to talking about inspire and expire in terms as we know them and I thought his visualizations were extremely well done. For he spoke about the “Breath of God” inspiring a newborn infant. The first breath a child takes being their inspiration or taking in of the Holy Spirit and the expiration of the Holy Spirit being the last breath we exhale as the Spirit leaves our earthly shell when we pass over. In between as we breathe in and out, we continue to take in His H.S. and then share it. Don’t know if what I’m explaining makes sense to anyone else but the imagery spoke to me and since I’m still breathing in and out I'll share my thoughts as the Spirit has led me.

Y'all have a good season of Pentecost, hear?


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