Monday, June 25, 2007


Picked up a copy of Reader's Digest last night. In thumbing through it, I was not really surprised with an article about the U.S. public educational system, which though as recently as 30 years ago being ranked number 1 worldwide, had fallen to something like 19th today. I've long felt we are failing in quality education for today's kids.

Got a real problem with that! Why can't we teach our children what they need to know to achieve? Lack of discipline in the public school system? Yeah, that's probably part of the problem. Breakdown of the family unit and moral fiber of the Country? Most probably a factor also.

But the biggest problem I see, and "hold on to your hats boys and girls", is government mandated equality. I am a product of the Texas Public School System (Class of '65 -thank you) and truly believe I received a first class education. It was a segregated system at that time. Please don't get ahead of me because I support integration 100%. In no way can I argue that any race, color or creed is less or more capable of learning than another. Statistics will bear that out that equal abilities cross all socioeconomic boundaries. Nor does any one have less of a right to the best education available to them. If that means they need to be bussed across town, so be it. Then my point is?

In an attempt to provide an equal learning environment we have reduced the expectation of nearly each and every student by working towards the least common denominator. Instead of seeking excellence among those capable, instead of asking each child to achieve to their individual maximum; we are willing to settle with mediocrity for all, in the name of equality. And that equality, folks, will never happen. Some people are more talented than others. It's always been that way and so forever shall it remain. Different people have different God given talents and no matter how hard one works to change it, little Johnny with the IQ of 95 is never going to be able to learn at a level equal to young Albert of the 130 score. Trying to teach at a level that all can understand got us where we are. Sure, Johnny might max out his abilities but without Albert being challenged too, a large portion of his time and mind goes to waste, strictly because we don't want little Johnny to feel bad about himself or that he's of lesser learning ability than Albert.

Now I'm not suggesting that Johnny doesn't have the right to feel good about himself. Lord knows he is of as much worth as any other in the eyes of the Father. However, that's what he needs to be taught. Help him to understand that though all are equal under the law and the eyes of God, each of us was created with different talents and the way we use those talents to their fullest is what determines the success of a person. There is no less worth in being a top notch plumber than a civil engineer and frankly, I've known several plumbers who cash paychecks in excess of what many civil engineers do.


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