Thursday, September 20, 2007


Daughter living in NOLA just emailed me what the Times Picayune had to say yesterday about the Bp's Meeting. Read it here.

A few things I found interesting.
From the article itself:
  • Bishop Charles Jenkins of the Diocese of Louisiana asked each to bring a gift of $10,000 to be divided between Louisiana and Mississippi.
    Many will, he said Tuesday -- and Bishop Mark Lawrence of South Carolina has pledged to arrive with a gift of $100,000, Jenkins said.
  • "It seems now the way it's going to work is they're going to have to go home and digest what they've heard" before declaring their response to whatever the Americans put forward, Jenkins said. (referring to the Global South Primates)
  • "On a more pragmatic level, those who will be hurt the most by this are the poor," he said. "We are involved heavily around the world in ministries of relief and development. And I don't think we have the luxury of giving in to our self-absorption on this issue, and taking that energy and those resources away from the poor."

And from the comments:

  • Posted by droopybuzums on 09/19/07 at 5:25AM
    I'm of two minds about a Christian I hope they can reconcile and continue God's work. As a gay-friendly straight woman, and member of PFLAG, I want to see the homophobes not muzzled but also not take over this church, as they have so many others.
  • Posted by godsvision35 on 09/19/07 at 1:24PM
    I'm happy for those of you who classify yourself as "gay friend". Hey, I guess I'm gay friendly too, which means I don't have a problem with anyone who chooses to live as a homosexual. However, there is a big difference from respecting someones lifestyle and altering your spiritual belief to accommodate something it specifically speaks against. Those who believe that the bible doesn't speak against homosexuality, that is your choice and everyone else has to respect that. However, you also have to respect those who believe that the bible doesn't speak against homosexuality. The thing is we cannot be hypocrites as the bible speaks equally against fornication, adultery, stealing, murder, etc.

No personal comment on the issue this time. Everyone needs to form their own opinion and yet respect the right of others to differ. As a Church we MUST try and find our cherished "Via Media" somewhere in between.


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