Thursday, November 08, 2007

Brazos Valley Boys

News from yesterday is that Country Music Legend Hank Thompson, a native Wacoan & graduate of Waco High School died at age 82 in Ft. Worth. Ironically his last performance was in Waco at the Heart of Texas Fair just this past month. I'm sorry now that I missed seeing him though they had him scheduled Monday at 5:30 pm. which is a rotten time for any performer. With work, I just didn't seem able to make it. That makes two of my favorite performers I missed seeing in person and won't have another chance to do so, Bob Wills being the first.

Hank is best known for his classic "Wild Side of Life". He never played Waco in those days, I'd been told it stemmed back to resentments he had from High School. His classmates supposedly made fun of his interest in country music and he couldn't put it behind him. Even in your teens you can be seriously injured by your peers.

Each time Bob played around here it seemed someone else special was performing too. Since The Playboys were more or less "local" and the others weren't, we felt like we'd catch them next time. Yeah, well next time finally turned into a stroke for Bob; so he and The Texas Playboys went down as an opportunity missed ... and regretted.

Every time I hear music by Hank or Bob or any other of the "Legends" of the era, I'm transported back to another time and place. It was classic Honky Tonkin' and we polished many a belt buckle to some great music. But, to quote Ray Price from a previous post: "Time takes no prisoners, and nothing but time marches on."

Y'all don't miss any opportunities, you never know what tomorrow may hold.


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