Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I see that GM's Cadillac division is fixing to begin production on a new battery powered electric luxury car, to be called the ELR. Reports are that it will use the Chevrolet Volt platform and will be available in late 2013. I suppose that ELR stands for Electric Luxury Roadster.

Given that the Chevy Volt has been an unmitigated failure, costs way more to produce than it sells for and has exhibited a tendency to "thermal incidents" (that last quote is off the GM website); that GM is still losing money and hasn't repaid its "Economic Stimulus Bailout" to the government, why do they need to bring out another loser and further their slide into oblivion?

Perhaps someone in Marketing has picked-up on the idea of providing a fire retardant racing suit, custom fitted to the purchaser free with purchase; which surely will bring a new luxury cachet to the brand and enable them to make money this time.

Yeah, that works for me...


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