Saturday, March 24, 2012

"Cheap" Grace

The concept of “Cheap Grace” seems to me an invalid one. It appears a misuse of the idea of grace in regard to worth. For there is/was only one price for grace and that was Christ’s death upon the Cross for the world’s salvation. Think about that, for it is a VERY… BIG… IDEA.

It seems one devalues the cost of that sacrifice when assuming another way to salvation (i.e. “good works”). Or even that we are saved by grace; BUT, we still need to contribute our part to INSURE our trip to the “Pearly Gates.”

There IS a cost to being a true follower of Christ and His message, but does it matter in the long run? I think not with regards to salvation. Rather we devalue our love and appreciation of His gift when we fail to honor it and it's full worth.

For, in knowing and following Him on Earth, He provides us comfort here and makes the time of our separation from Him bearable. That seems where I see the “good works” being of benefit. When we love and follow Him here we are likewise ever closer to Him and in that closeness we find His peace which truly passeth all understanding.


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