Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Been doing some introspection lately ...

and coalesced some thoughts I believe to be absolutes, which for me is unusual because I really don't think too much in terms of black or white but rather only shades of grey. They don't strike me as things we are ever taught and I feel that understanding them might make us better stewards of our lives. They are shared herewith:
1. No political system EVER works well for any extended length of time.
2. There will NEVER be world peace on this sphere we know as Earth.
3. Altruism only works on a person to person basis. Governments cannot force goodwill either within or outside its borders upon its citizens or others.
4. Economic theory drives interpersonal relationships as well as extra-personal ones.
5. They’s a whole lot of miles between “want” and “need”.
6. Life is what happens, instead of what we plan.
7. True peace and success only comes through a faith based understanding of our existence in this temporal life.
I reckon that I'll expand this list at some time or another but this did seem like a good start.

Peace & grace, y'all


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