Friday, April 02, 2010

Chuck's Cross

Chuck’s been here about 6 years now, or is it seven? When he arrived, the previous Rector had left some notations in his Parish Roster about his flock, their interests, abilities, good points, etc., ostensibly to make his (Chuck’s) life easier. Likewise, for several years now I’ve considered myself a part of the leadership of the Church, so when he came it was natural that we should have some interaction. Whether a result of the prior Rector’s notes, my visibility, or whatever; early following Chuck’s arrival, he asked me to construct him a Cross to be used in the Good Friday Service. I saw and reflected upon it again today as I do each Good Friday.

It’s built from two pieces of cedar, with the bark still on them and is around five foot tall. Had Christ have been crucified in Central Texas, it’s likely His cross would have been made of cedar. It’s everywhere, and grows straight enough to make a cross. We use it for fence posts all the time. It’s indigenous to the area as probably was the wood used in the First Century by the Romans.

When I built it, I reflected on how unusual it seemed to be building one but I suppose that until today the real depth of that experience hadn’t been fully realized. For the first time, I believe I finally understood that the cedar cross I built is only a copy of the real one I helped build. The one Christ hung upon some 2000+ years ago. Much the same as in The Passion of the Christ, where the soldier pounding the nails was portrayed by Mel Gibson (without credit), done as an affirmation of his responsibility for Christ’s sacrifice, so did I today realize that the cross I built for Chuck is the second one I’ve constructed.


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